Destiny Encounters


Charlie and Brynn Shamp

Charlie and Brynn are the founders of Destiny Encounters. They have a true passion to see revival and the glory of God manifested in all the earth.  They boldly declare the gospel of Christ; ministering freedom, joy, and supernatural healing everywhere they go. They are fulfilling a mandate from God to preach the gospel with miracles, signs and wonders in the nations of the earth. They have ministered both nationally and internationally with radical demonstrations of faith seeing lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. Compelled by the heart of the Father to seek and save the lost, they are releasing God’s love to the world seeing the captives delivered, the sick healed, and lives changed.

“For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.”   (Matthew‬ ‭6‬:‭13‬ AMP)

Destiny Encounters International is a global ministry with a vision of taking God’s divine presence to the nations of the world. We are a interdenominational ministry that exists to ignite the flames of revival in individuals, churches, cities, and nations unlocking people’s destinies through an encounter with a living God. We believe in cultivating a generation to walk in the fullness of God’s Spirit and power. Destiny Encounters International is helping to fulfill the great commission by spreading the saving, healing, and delivering power of Jesus Christ to all the world. We are driven by a purpose to see men and women all over the world come to the knowledge of the divine life made available in Christ Jesus and committed to the mission of raising a generation of men and women that will come into their inheritance as we teach the word of God, so that they will fulfill God’s divine plan for their lives.

Destiny Encounters International is committed to end time global revival and the harvest of souls. The Kingdom of a God is not in word, but in the demonstration of power and it is through the preaching of the gospel with radical demonstrations of faith, miracles, signs, and wonders following; lives are transformed. With the power of an encounter we are truly unlocking a generation’s destiny one heart at a time.


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