The Ministry of the Altar – Due to the Conferences – Class will start October 23, 2017

In today world the altar is becoming more important then ever.  People are broken, hurt, rejected and oppressed by the enemy.  The body of Christ must do the work of Jesus.  We must know how to Preach the gospel, Teach the application of the Word of God, and bring deliverance to the captive.
The altar is the stage for God’s delivering power.  The altar is anywhere where the Kingdom is manifest – the store, home, streets and etc.
This class will focus on the altar of deliverance.
  • How to access and manifest the power of the Kingdom of God in people lives.
  • How to ministry to Body, Soul and Spirit
  • How to pray for sick and diseased
The ministry manual that we will be studying out of is Global Awakening’s Ministry Team Training Manual by Randy Clark.
Chapters included in the manual are:
1. Ministry Team Protocol
2. Prayer Guidelines
3. Sozo
4. Salvation
5. A Biblical Basis for Healing the Sick
6. A Five Step Prayer Model
7. Words of Knowledge for Healing
8. Healing of Some Specific Conditions
9. Some Hindrances to Healing
10. Curses
11. Deliverance

The class is $15 for copies of the materials and $12.60 for the book  – Ministry Team Training Manual By Dr. Randy Clark .

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The Ministry of the Altar


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