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Deeper Worship in Heaven

The following are testimonies from those that readied this wonderful book.Β 

  1. 1. I am about half way through the new book. I am enjoying every page! People need to get heaven established in their hearts, and this in depth picture of worship does just that. God bless. Aaron
  2. 2. Hi Dean. I have your book. I read seven chapters and then I stopped and went to your first book and re-read parts of it. Now I’m back to the new one. It is blessing me in ways I cannot tell you by text. It is a blessing! God is speaking to me through it in a powerful way. Just wanted you to know. Sue
  3. Amen my precious Brother and faithful servant and man of God our Father and our Savior Lord JESUS …… I started reading that book and it’s awesome I felt like I was IN HEAVEN with you experiencing the things you did….. WORSHIP IS AN AWESOME THING. Angela
  4. I’m reading your book, Deep Worship in Heaven, and I’m thanking God He lead you to write it, it has taken my Praise and worship to a higher level. Thank you, Jesus is Faithful! Dave
  5. I have only finished chapter 3 but the other thing that I thought was very revealing is that I have always noticed That when the Holy Spirit is on a person and they are shaking it is to the vibration of the Holy Spirit that lives on the inside of them page 10 The point I’m trying to make is that I have never thought of it as a vibration Everything has a vibration rate. David
  6. Your book brought Revival to my heart I love it! One of the things I learned before from you, is that when I think of the mountains and flowers and everything that bows down to Jesus and it moves out of the way to let Him pass, I always see it in my imagination.
  7. Good morning brother I am about halfway through your book. as I read I’m experiencing the worship of almighty God! thank you for sharing your experience and it is true that it is changing my worship of our heavenly Father and Jesus. I’m reading it slower than I do most books taking in every word meditating and growing in Jesus. It is an answer to prayer I asked the Lord to cause me to worship him the way he deserves to be worshipped. I desire to love Our Father and stop loving the things in the world that hold us in bondage. Thanks again your book is helping to do that! Your book is wonderful amazing!!! Teri
  8. I finished it today brother. It was really good, it has taken me to new levels of worship, presence, and awe for the Lord. I feel worship deeper inside of me. Thanks for everything you pass down from our Awesome God! Much love! DuPaul
  9. Got the book enjoyed it so profoundly that I wanted to share Deep Worship in Heaven with others..Thank you Dean
  10. Deep Worship In Heaven Love, love, love, this book. I find as I read the description of the Angel, I felt like crying for joy. Amazing, Patty
  11. It’s so incredible so far! When I read the first book I realized how LITERAL scripture actually is, and to know that Jesus is IN the Father, the description is just awesome and I always get a new view on scripture when I read about your experience! Mary
  12. Dean it’s like I’m reading the Deep Worship In Heaven book for the first time. Before I read it to proof it. Make sure it was understandable and also was looking for typos etc. now I am absorbing it. As I’m reading it I feel like I want to jump out of my body. Then the next chapter you said you wanted to jump out of your body. Lynn
  13. Reading the book, boy oh boy, sure does make you want to be there in heaven. πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯ Angela
  14. I think it’s great. Your book gives me a new awareness of how important worship is and more of a reality of how much we are connected with God. Looking forward to the next book. Sonja
  15. Deep Worship In Heaven gives an awareness of how much our actions & thoughts are an influence in the spirit realm & how that awareness could allow a reciprocal influence from that realm into the least moment in this realm. Mary
  16. I just read in Chapter 15 about our Father when He opened His mouth and started singing to you. That image is breathtaking. Jon
  17. Dean, I finished the book and all I can say is amazing! Sure opens your eyes to what is really happening. John
  18. DEAN!!!!!!!! I have not been able to stop reading your book! And it brought revival to my heart! Just like I felt before about Jesus before the pain entered my heart. Thank you thank you thank you! Glory to God. Marie
  19. I’m absolutely in love with this book. I literally can get lost in it , it makes me feel like I’m actually there, the details are amazing, makes me want to praise my father all the time! This book has shown me , even the simplest praise to Jesus means so much to him! Katie
  20. I often think of how you love sunrise as I enjoy the first morning light in the forest view from our patio. Every vibrant flower in our front planter reminds me of your descriptions of the vivid colors in heaven. Knowing your story has brought heaven closer to earth for me. Appreciate you, Dean. David
  21. Dean Braxton’s latest book ‘Deep Worship in Heaven’ is WRECKING me… (in a good way)!” I have been writing a song and seeking the Lord’s direction. He really used your book today for confirmation. Donna
  22. Dear Dean, I have read your book Deep Worship in heaven and it has brought revival to my heart. When I worship God now I see myself before the Throne of God worshipping Him with every part of my being, I feel like I am literally in heaven worshipping before The Lord. My life has been changed forever. Thank you so very much for bringing us closer to Our Father and King. When I see the trees, flowers, grass and the animals, I see them with new eyes because I know that they are part of God’s creation and they worship God too. I don’t have to wait to die to go to heaven, I am there through worship and your book is the tool that helped me to get there. Thank You! In Him, Marie.
  23. Thank you so much for breakfast yesterday and thank you for this book! I’m halfway through it and it’s been such a HUGE blessing! It’s confirmed so many things for me! Praise God for what you do. Thank you all for supporting me and my ministry it’s been a huge blessing! Darin
  24. Pastor Dean Braxton, I want you to know how much I love your book, it speaks to me so much, in almost half way through it, and can’t get enough! I also use your book for my devotional time as well.. It like I’m in heaven when I read your book. Thank you so much! Katie
  25. Reading now!! Deep Worship In Heaven Is “hard to put down” book!! Tanya
  26. Hello Brother Dean I’m not Crazy I did see and experienced exactly what you did in the Worship of our Father God. Thank you, Peter
  27. Deep Worship In Heaven has reminded my 31 year old daughter Stacie of the incredible love our Father God has for her. She is now hearing His voice again and is able to journal what He is saying to her. Wonderful revelation. Jon
  28. Deep Worship in Heaven has opened my eyes to a new reality of living. I say that because I realized how Worship is beyond the songs we sing at home or church, its about a deeper intimacy with Jesus and our Father. Ive come to realize that reading the experiences in the book has help me to understand that I can experience the same heaven that Dean experienced here and now. Just recently, I was in a service and I was dancing before the Lord in Worship and I saw what looked like a flame of fire come along side me and dance with me. In that moment, I realized all the more that heaven wants to interact with us now. It is amazing how much the Word itself comes more alive to me as I read this book. Its not that this book validates the Word, but the Word for me confirms the testimony of this book. And there are number of things I experienced in Gods presence before that this book just confirms how real those experiences were. I continue to look forward to spending time with my Father, as the day awakens. Brian
  29. Testimony from Dianne R. – She received the book and read the first section of it the first night. It was amazing to read those heavenly encounters. As she pondered what she read, she fell asleep and woke up the next morning and noticed that as she worshipped, the atmosphere was different. She went to a deeper place of worship. This continued at Church that Sunday morning. While in worship at church, God gave her a business idea of something that she had previously overlooked. She began to implement what God had given her that week and in the first week, she received 26 orders, with little to no advertisement. She believes this all was the result of going to a deeper place of worship, where she could hear the voice of Jesus and receive creative ideas and business concepts.
  30. Hi Dean. I am enjoying your book. It has helped me understand more of what Heaven is about than any other book that I’ve read. Also I’m beginning to understand what the real Love of God is for everyone, saved or unsaved. God Bless you Richly. Pastor Cook
  31. Brother Dean I will be be praying for you, about the book I actually already knew how important the book was the Lord told me it was created for such a time as this praise and worship is very important right now at this time for the body of Christ it is something about the timing and your purpose was to write about it now from heavens perspective. Everywhere you turn everywhere you look television radio etc. you are hearing about praise and worship how important it is and how it changes. Couple months ago we started increasing praise and worship. Every time I thought about it I would praise and worship and we are also spending more time watching Christian television. Now we don’t have to think about it and it has changed our life things began to happen, the favor of God showed up because now we are finally putting him first through praise and worship. Christina Ricci
  32. Good morning! I have read the book and completely relate to what Mary said about scripture being so literal and having a new view on scripture after reading about your experience. After reading your book it has changed the way I worship, and also the way I practice for worship! I have shared some of what you have written with others and am waiting for an opportunity to give your book to our worship team at church. Abby
  33. I know it is a powerful book. I did get it. I have been only able to read a little bit. Been very busy. What I have read is powerful. I read about the vibrations, I have definitely told people who I know about about this amazing book. Thanks Dean …. we appreciate your faithfulness to the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ to share it.
  34. I too am enjoying your new book. I have just read two chapters. I stopped to soak in the vision of Jesus going to the Father. I stayed there all day in my mind. I am ready to continue reading. Absorbing it is going to take me some time. It makes me want to be there. Thank you so much. Penny
  35. It’s dangerous to read because it makes it even harder to stay here.😊 Robbin
  36. I, too, have been impacted –as have those who have gotten the book from me. I’m glad you made the time to write it. Most of us long for a more meaningful way to worship our Father. Love you! Nancy
  37. I have read the book that you sent me and it is wonderful. I have told others about it and about you. Thank you for your insight and all that you shared with us. Blessings to you and Marilyn always❀️ Judy
  38. Thanks Dean I’ve done a better job giving out your book than getting it read. Patsy had a dream about a huge angel in our church before I gave her the book. She couldn’t describe the colors she saw. She told me last night that she had read it in your book. Tammi
  39. The book is explaining so many experiences I have had through my walk with the Lord. Some really radical experiences that were hard to explain what happening during prayer or worship. Now it’s confirmed more in what actually was going on. It all lined up with what goes on in Heaven. When you know that you truly experienced it but maybe have never heard of anyone else experienced it and you read it in the book it just confirms your experience and what was going on at that time. I love it! Thanks for being faithful to the Lord for writing it. I’m still reading through sooooooooo slow underlining, writing notes (and questions lol)absorbing, meditating!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Christina
  40. Hi brother I am enjoying the book so far. I’m taking my time reading and meditating on each word. I appreciate what you have shared with me over the years and in this book. I will be ordering more soon the Holy Spirit is telling me who I need to bless with the book. So far I have given the book to my walking partner, my neighbor Dr. Jones who has cancer, and I’m taking one home to S.C. To give to my friend. God bless. Curtis
  41. Dean I am still reading your book it is not a fast read for me for there is much to ponder upon and meditate upon. Example page 34 from two sentences . Every time we come to the point of worshipping and praising our Father from our spirit, we enter into his truth that presented our being to Him In praise. What are we giving away in praise is ourselves. I meditated on that several days and I still come back to that occasionally. I think it’s good or I wouldn’t keep doing it intentionally. David
  42. Good morning, I have been reading your book, and it’s awesome. It has given me a deeper sense of worship. Richard


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