Healing Touch of Jesus

Current healings from 2/26/2017

  • Young lady attend with kidney failure and was experiencing pain, Jesus touch her –  the pain left.  She came to church with a cane, and she left not using her cane.  We are waiting for test results.
  • Young man had pain in the chest area, and Jesus touch him and the pain left immediately
  • Young lady was diagnosis with legions on the brain – Jesus touch her body and we waiting for test result
  • Young lady was having back pain, and Jesus touch her and the pain left.  She was able to move her body around normallyAll Glory to HIM – KING of kings and LORD of Lords – JESUS.  Sickness/ Disease are conquered at HIS NAME AND PRESENCE!!!!


January 27, 2017
Testimony from young man who visited the church – This past Sunday, January 22, you prayed for my knee, particularly my meniscus as I had injured it playing basketball.  So I’m just sending an update per our conversation.  My knee has gotten better and I am able to move better than I have in 5 weeks!  It is not 100% as of yet but it has gotten better daily, praise God! If I were to give a percent I would say it’s about 85-90 and I truly believe and feel it getting stronger daily.  I want to thank you and the consuming fire family for praying for me, and my family as well even though you didn’t know us and it was our first time coming!

9/13/15 – Healed of Arthritis in the shoulder – Jesus touch her and the pain was gone immediately.

9/13/15 – 8 people had pain when the came to service – 6 Jesus touch them and their pains went away.

9/20/15 – Back pain for 10 years from accident – Jesus touch her and the pain was gone immediately – she able to walk and bend with no pain.

9/20/15 – Pain in stomach area – Jesus touch her and the pain was gone immediately.

10/4/2015 – Three people had pain at the beginning of service.  By the end of service – there was not pain.  Candice – Wrist injury – bone was protruding and very painful.   The Glory of God came into service; Jesus touch the bone and it went back in place and no more pain.

11/1/2015 – Ministered at Light of Today Church – two lady had pain at the being of service by the end of service – the pain was completed gone.

11/1/2015 – Woman was feeling weak in her body, Jesus touch her body and she received her strength.

Woman had pain in her shoulder and Jesus touch her body, and the pain completely left.

1/4/2016 – Two ladies with back pain.  Jesus touch their body and pain totally gone.

11/8/2015 – Lady had pain in shoulder all the way down to leg, pain instantly gone.

12/6/2015 – Young lady who had a left knee problem for two years.  Jesus touch her the pain left and she was able to walk with no pain.

1/18/2016 – During the Healing service in December 2015, I stood in proxy for a friend of mine who has cancer. The doctors reported 95% of her body was wrecked with cancer. We prayed and believed God and today, 1/17/16, there’s only 50% that exist in her body. We are believing that all cancer will be gone this year!!

1/18/2016 – The doctors were concerned about my niece and thought she had asthma and trouble breathing. She took a test and after praying and believing God, the report came back that she doe not have asthma. Praise be to the Master physician, Jesus Christ.

1/29/2016 – Sis. Paulette Frierson- For at least 3 yrs. I have experienced pain in my left hand around the thumb area. It had even started to sink in. I prayed over it, I slept in hand splints. I have taken over the counter pain medicines. I have discussed it with my doctor who was okay with the splints and pain pills for the time being. The pain persists and began to bother me more frequently, as it started getting progressively worst, difficult to work at times. Unknown to me my healing was on the way. As Pastor Hudson made the altar call for prayer I sat in my seat and did not go up for prayer until I felt a tugging in my spirit not once but 3 times, then I went up. Pastor Hudson called it out, “Pain in the hand?” I agreed, he prayed, I went down in the Spirit. As I got back up, he asked how was my hand? It was no pain when I went up because it comes and goes. As he spoke again against it, the power of God came over me again and I went down in the Spirit, but this time it was different. Something supernatural was happening as I was returning to my seat; I felt the power of God pulling pain from my hand. What was so amazing was that I wasn’t in pain at that time, but I felt pain being pulled from my hand and the area that was sunk in came back out. I actually saw my hand returning to its normal size and I heard a new hand, not once but twice. Minister Stephanie Lewis who was sitting in front of me said she heard bones cracking and she also heard a new hand at the same time as I did. She told me that God says, “I am special to Him and that He loves me so much.” I knew that by His stripes on Sunday, January 24, 2016 I was healed. Today I am “Pain Free”. Our God Is An Awesome Amazing God. Hallelujah Amen!!!

6/8/2016  – Young lady who had pain in her back for two weeks, Jesus touch her back and the pain was gone immediately. Another young lady who also had pain in her back and diabetes, Jesus touch her body and the back pain was gone immediately, and we are waiting for a report. Young lady who had pain in her back and also diabetes, Jesus touch her body and the pain was gone. Young lady who foot had swollen, and Jesus touch her the swelling when down immediately.

6/26/2016 – Three individuals acknowledged they have pain at the beginning of service, by the end of service all three had no pain. At the end of service, a member of the church testified that she lose most of her taste buds and smell over a year ago. During the service, her taste buds came back and she experienced full taste in her mouth and smell.


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